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Dawnrunner Press

There are great stories waiting to be told, but navigating the world of indie book publishing can be a challenge. Dawnrunner Press is a new division of Dawnrunner that's dedicated to bringing these stories to market.

What Sets us Apart



Dawnrunner Press is focused on the SF&F genres. These genres are our passion, and we look forward to sharing stories we know readers will love.

Commitment to Quality

At Dawnrunner, we want to share the best stories. From veteran bestselling authors to debut voices, we invest in the editing, production, and marketing to make our books stand out.



Since Dawnrunner Press is part of a larger multimedia company, we're in a unique position to bring our books beyond the page.

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We offer a full suite of publishing services—from editing, to covers, to marketing—so writers can focus on writing without worrying about how to get visibility for their books.

Our Books

Our sci-fi and fantasy books tell compelling stories that pull readers in with engrossing plots and memorable characters.

What to see what we can do?

Would you like our team to help bring your book to market and help you expand your story into other multimedia opportunities?

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