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About Us

Dawnrunner Press was founded in 2020 to help talented writers fulfill their dream of becoming published authors. Indie publishing has improved the accessibility of publishing to everyone, but sometimes it can feel more like running a business.

That's where Dawnrunner Press comes in. We have the expertise, industry connections, and infrastructure to let writers focus on being writers while we take care of the rest.

What can you expect as a Dawnrunner Press author?

Top-Notch Editing

Our professional editors work with an expanded team to add polish to each and every book.

Career Support

We're not just interested in launching one book, but in helping you grow your career.

Great Covers

We will make sure your book gets a cover that pops and effectively communicates genre.

Multimedia Tie-Ins

For select projects, our screenwriter partners can help adapt books to the screen.

Customized Plan

Each book is different. We'll customize our publishing plan to fit every author's goals.


Writing can be a lonely endeavor, but we strive to make our authors feel like part of the family.

A.K. DuBoff - author headshot.jpg

Amy DuBoff

Supervising Editor

Amy (A.K.) DuBoff is a Nebula Award finalist and USA Today bestselling author specializing in space-based science fiction and fantasy. Amy’s short fiction has been published by NewCon Press, Seventh Seal Press, and in numerous indie publications. She is a co-founder of Dawnrunner Press, the indie book publishing arm of Dawnrunner, Inc.

James Fox.jpg

James Fox

Content Acquisitions Manager

James Fox is an award-winning screenwriter, director, producer, and author. He graduated with a BFA in both Directing and Producing, and he is the Founder and CEO of Dawnrunner Inc. With 15 action-packed years in the film industry, he has led the company through numerous award-winning projects, all across the world. 

Meet Our Team

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