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Bring new worlds to life

Indie-forward multimedia solutions

Innovative Multimedia

At Dawnrunner, we are committed to supporting indies by offering exceptional services for film production, book publishing, and game development.

Innovative Multimedia

Experienced. Driven. Innovative.

Working on a Computer

Dawnrunner’s decade-plus history had focused on getting indie projects into the spotlight.

Beginning with film, we have established a reputation as an award-winning player in indie multimedia creation. This same commitment to exceptional delivery carries over into our new Press division, which is dedicated to sharing powerful voices in speculative fiction.

Our Commitment

We at Dawnrunner are committed to satisfying everyone we work with, whether it be a client or a project partner. When those who’ve worked with us look back on a project, we want them to fondly remember how we had fun working together and made something that everyone is proud of. We love what we do, and we bring that passion to every project.

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